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First official trailer

Welcome to a world ruled by empires that inevitably await destruction.
The depraved lifestyle of major societies lead to an internal
breakdown, which allowed for anarchy and heresy to spread. Kshatriya,
The Order of Inquisitors, try to maintain order with an iron fist…     



8SUNS is Everywhere!


8SUNS - the beginning

The idea for 8SUNS appeared during the IGK 2014 event where our team got first place for making a game from scratch in 7 hours. Since then everything changed, not only in the concept of the game but also the way we cooperate with each other.

The first biggest event where we presented our game was PGA 2014, where it has met with a surprisingly good reception. Since then we have changed and improved a lot of the mechanics of the game. We are expecting to debut the full 8SUNS game (or at least several modes) at PGA in 2016.


m-blockDigital Dragons 2017



We owe you a brief summary of these fascinating days. As a Viking Potatoes studio we had the chance to meet gamedev’s cream. These were amazing days for us to make contacts (what will happen to them probably we will be informing soon), as well as learning. The best game developers from around the world have talked about their experiences


m-blockPyrkon 2017



As the last stop before one of the key events of the year, Pyrkon turned out to be a lesson of humility to us and as usual a huge dose of useful feedback from you players. Today we are working hard to show you the best possible demo on Digital Dragons from which the report is coming soon. Interesting how


m-blockFreegalaktus contest for best Indie game in Europe



8Suns won in the contest for best Indie game in europe in category “voice of the audience” Thank You!


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  1. When will I be able to play 8SUNS?

    The release of the first public version of a full arena experience should be possible in October 2016 at Poznan Game Arena .

  2. Will 8SUNS be free?

    It depends on our relations with a potential publisher and our own future vision. Hard to say for now, so lets say - TBA.

  3. Multiplayer?

    From the very beginning of the development process we want to make our game as face-to-face gaming friendly as possible. We are really engaged to make couch multiplayer as best as possible. Online multiplayer? Hmm maybe...

  4. Online multiplayer! Your success is impossible without it!

    Our main plan for next month is to prepare cool "couch friendly" experience. But never say never ;)

  5. So what with PvP?

    Yeah, we would love to! We definitely want to make it possible, but it is hard to say when our "core" will be ready for it.

  6. More questions?

    We are ready to answer them all! Just write us on FB or email at: media@8suns-thegame.com

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8SUNS is a tactical hack and slash game, set in a world of creatures similar to machines. Currently we are developing Arena mode, which gives a taste of what players can expect in Story mode. In Arena mode, the player takes the role of a desperate resident of the wastelands. After escaping slave traders he could never find peace in the caste society. Fate directed him toward the Arena – long since abandoned mega-factory, which is a den of criminals, heretics, and other social outcasts. In this forsaken place, he may seek a better life, fighting for influence, capturing fragments of ancient technology or better modules. In contrast to traditional action games, the player does not develop by raising his physical statistics. Instead,


m-blockTeam background

Viking Potatoes is a team consisting of 11 people. We are working remotely, basing around an Agile workflow.

We’ve already been showcasing at Poznań Game Arena 2014 where we our demo met with positive reactions. Another showcase was at WGK 2014 (Polish Conference on Computer Games Developement) and of course at IGK 2015 (Polish Conference of Computer Games Engineering). Additionally, we have presented our project in several radio auditions and other events such as Check-IT and IcIT.

m-blockOur Team


Piotr Jerzyk

3rd Ear


    Patryk Batko

    Rider of Puppets


      Michał Kowalkowski

      Rushing Hush


        Krystian Mrozowski

        Fourth Dimension Soldier


          Konrad Krawczuk

          First Motivator


            Kamil Nowakowski

            Senior of Code


              Jakub Furdyna

              Mechanical Madman


                Grzegorz Kozlowski

                Oppressor of Meshes


                  Bartosz Buszman

                  Polygons Tamer


                    Aleksander Trepala

                    Cybernetic Weaver

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