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First official trailer

Welcome to a world ruled by empires that inevitably await destruction.
The depraved lifestyle of major societies lead to an internal
breakdown, which allowed for anarchy and heresy to spread. Kshatriya,
The Order of Inquisitors, try to maintain order with an iron fist…     



8SUNS is Everywhere!


block FAQ

  1. When will I be able to play 8SUNS?

    The release of the first public version of a full arena experience should be possible in October 2016 at Poznan Game Arena .

  2. Will 8SUNS be free?

    It depends on our relations with a potential publisher and our own future vision. Hard to say for now, so lets say - TBA.

  3. Multiplayer?

    From the very beginning of the development process we want to make our game as face-to-face gaming friendly as possible. We are really engaged to make couch multiplayer as best as possible. Online multiplayer? Hmm maybe...

  4. Online multiplayer! Your success is impossible without it!

    Our main plan for next month is to prepare cool "couch friendly" experience. But never say never ;)

  5. So what with PvP?

    Yeah, we would love to! We definitely want to make it possible, but it is hard to say when our "core" will be ready for it.

  6. More questions?

    We are ready to answer them all! Just write us on FB or email at: media@8suns-thegame.com

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