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First official trailer

Welcome to a world ruled by empires that inevitably await destruction.
The depraved lifestyle of major societies lead to an internal
breakdown, which allowed for anarchy and heresy to spread. Kshatriya,
The Order of Inquisitors, try to maintain order with an iron fist…     



8SUNS is Everywhere!


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8SUNS is a tactical hack and slash game, set in a world of creatures similar to machines. Currently we are developing Arena mode, which gives a taste of what players can expect in Story mode. In Arena mode, the player takes the role of a desperate resident of the wastelands. After escaping slave traders he could never find peace in the caste society. Fate directed him toward the Arena – long since abandoned mega-factory, which is a den of criminals, heretics, and other social outcasts. In this forsaken place, he may seek a better life, fighting for influence, capturing fragments of ancient technology or better modules. In contrast to traditional action games, the player does not develop by raising his physical statistics. Instead, character development is achieved via replaceable body parts, that directly affect the spectrum of possible actions to perform. The effectiveness of these actions is dependent on the mental traits, which the player can develop by completing quests, gaining knowledge of the world, discovering new places, etc.

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